Song update | april 5th 2011

On April 5th, 2011, posted in: Discoradio Updates by

Today we have a 90′s song update: 2 Mistakes, Astroline, B.M. Decoder, Baffa, Black Money, Buzzy Bus, Camisra, Ceres, Connie Nice, Corona, Culture Beat, Dagon, Daisy Dee, De Bos, Delphine, Disco Blu, DJ Jean, E.F.O, F.M. Presents Jean Jane, First Base, Fishbone Beat, Fun Factory, Furia II, Gat Decor, Hani, Infinity & Roxanne Price, Joy [...]

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Song update | december 4th 2010

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Beat Society, Bit Machine, Bodylotion, B-One, Bossi, Cassandra, Chris, Corona, Culture Beat, Da Hool, Direct 2 Dance, DJ Cerla & Moratto, DJ H. feat. Stefy, DJ Valium, Dream Beat, E-Magine, Flash, Hypertrophy, Kosmonova, Loft, Love 4 Sale, Magic Affair, Masoko Solo, Masterboy, Maxx, MC Sar & The Real McCoy, Meja, Miss Jane, Miss Shiva, Nadia, [...]

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Song update | february 10th 2010

On February 10th, 2010, posted in: Discoradio Updates by

Small update of new songs today. Aladino, Alex Party, Amos, Anticappella, B.M. Decoder (rare), Baffa, Billie Ray Martin, Black Rose, Cappella, Chase, Corona, Da Blitz, Daydream, Fargetta, KK, MC Erik & Barbara, Spagna, Yama. Big song update is coming up in the next couple of days! Stay tuned and enjoy the music!

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